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[Fanfic] White Flags 1/5

*waves at anyone who might still be watching*

Title: White Flags 1/5
Author: silver_saber/[personal profile] schwertlilie
Wordcount: ~2800
Characters: Canada, France, England, General Winter, Louisiana, human & historical OCs
Pairings: gen this part; eventual USCanUS, but it'll be well marked

Summary: A series of connected Canadian history fics, from the 1600s to the present day. Feel free to read them in any order, to skip parts entirely, or only read a couple. :) The beginning until 1814 have been posted to the kink meme.

This post: 1600s - 1763 (The discovery of the personification of Canada to the colony's handover to Britain at the Treaty of Paris.)

Master link: everything this part on Dreamwidth or the whole series on AO3.

Title: June 1679: Finding
Rating: G
Characters: Canada, France, human OCs
Summary: With the colony of New France well-established, Francis hears rumours of a new personification living on a farm with one of the files du roi; he goes to the New World investigate personally.

Direct on DW || on AO3

Title: May 1687: Bathtime
Rating: T
Characters: Canada, France
Summary: Francis hears some disturbing things while in the bath with his little brother, but the people are just following the government's lead.

WARNING: Implied child neglect (not by Francis)

Direct on DW || on AO3

Title: November 1689: Meeting
Rating: G
Characters: Canada, General Winter
Summary: Matthieu comes home one night to find a visitor on his doorstep - one who's not entirely unexpected.

Direct on DW || on AO3

Title: 8 September 1760: Surrender
Rating: G
Characters: Canada, human historical OC
Summary: Sitting in his governor-general's residence in Montreal, Matthieu has his last breakfast before becoming a British colony.

Warning for gratuitous references to the Seven Years' War and the conquest of Canada.

Direct on DW || on AO3

Title: May 1761: Arrival
Rating: G
Characters: Canada, England
Summary: When Matthieu arrives in London (where the British government holds all of the captured colonies), Arthur tries to be welcoming while Matthieu is grumpy.

Direct on DW || on AO3

Title: 19 February 1763: Party
Rating: G
Characters: Canada, France, England, Louisiana, Grenada, Florida, mentions of other then-colonies
Summary: The Treaty of Paris has been signed, and Europe is glad that they're done with the Seven Years' War. Francis says good-bye to his lost colonies, and makes Matthieu & Aveline (Louisiana) a promise.

Direct on DW || on AO3

If you don't have a DW/AO3 account (or would prefer to post anon), anonymous comments are always on, and concrit is appreciated. :)
Tags: fanfic, theme: discovery

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