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[Fanfic] White Flags 1/5

*waves at anyone who might still be watching*

Title: White Flags 1/5
Author: silver_saber/[personal profile] schwertlilie
Wordcount: ~2800
Characters: Canada, France, England, General Winter, Louisiana, human & historical OCs
Pairings: gen this part; eventual USCanUS, but it'll be well marked

Summary: A series of connected Canadian history fics, from the 1600s to the present day. Feel free to read them in any order, to skip parts entirely, or only read a couple. :) The beginning until 1814 have been posted to the kink meme.

This post: 1600s - 1763 (The discovery of the personification of Canada to the colony's handover to Britain at the Treaty of Paris.)

Master link: everything this part on Dreamwidth or the whole series on AO3.

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If you don't have a DW/AO3 account (or would prefer to post anon), anonymous comments are always on, and concrit is appreciated. :)

IAMP Anime North Schedule & Message for Canadians

Hi there,

This is the April Announcement video for The iammatthewian Project, as well as a very important message for all Canadians of eligible voting age on May 2nd! We would appreciate spreading the word! And if you are attending Anime North 2011, we certainly hope to see you there!

Also if you are running a hetalia panel for Anime North and would like to cross-publicize, please feel free to contact us at iammatthewian@gmail.com

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Title: Goodbye
Fandom: Hetalia Axis Powers
Characters: Matthew Williams (Canada), Alfred Jones (America), Mentions of Francis Bonnefoy (France)
Warnings: Character Death, Violence, Craziness
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this plot.
AN: Second posting of one of my fics. Comments make me happy as does constructive criticism. Also the last Crazy!Canada fic I'll post for a while. Please enjoy~
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[FST] Sour (comme le jus de citron) - Quebec/Ontario FST

Title: Sour (comme le jus de citron)
Author/Artist: Compilation and front cover art by perelka_l , back cover art by harris_blue 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Quebec/Ontario. Or Ontario/Quebec. Depends on your taste ;D
Rating: ......T for being safe?
Warnings: Provinces and a bit of love hate. And swear words possible.
Summary: Simple compilation of songs for Quebec/Ontario pairing~!

( Fake cut is indeed fake )

[Fanart] College Boy

<Title: College Boy
Author/Artist: catgirlprime
Character(s): Canada
Genre: drawing
Rating: G
Summary: I'd wanted to draw Canada wearing a polo I bought recently. It makes him look like a total college boy.
He's smiling confidently, though, and I don't know why. I think he's high.
I don't think this fits any theme...maybe manly?

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